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Khubsoorat – This fashion cum beauty programme, perhaps the most celebrated on Indian television, not only offered practical style solutions to the viewer, it also focused on the other aspects that contribute towards making a complete woman.

Designed in a stylized magazine format the show was frequently updated to meet the volatility of the glamour and fashion world. It included vibrant and innovative segments, bringing – the latest from designer world; studio chats with women of substance, beauty & fashion experts, models & choreographers; beauty makeovers on celebrities; clothes and accessory options in the market with their comparative prices; feature stories based on insightful themes like – careers in fashion and beauty, finishing schools, alternative beauty therapies etc.

Series Title: Khubsoorat
Channel: Zee TV
Format: Digi Beta
Duration: 112 episodes X 30 minutes
Language: English

Jhatpat Khana


Jhatpat Khana – This cookery show that was designed to address the working -couple segment, gained instant popularity among a cross section of viewers. True to its name, the show suggested quick recipes, but without compromising on the nutritional aspect.

With entertaining and interactive sections like celebrity recipes, viewer’s choice and chef’s special, the show presented a range of cuisines for a variety of occasions – festivals, parties, picnics et al. Every week the show not only churned three unique yet complimentary recipes to form a complete meal, but also presented valuable cooking, garnishing and presentation tips .

Series Title: Jhatpat Khana
Channel: Zee TV
Format: Digi Beta
Duration: 184 episodes X 30 minutes
Language: English

Dum Dum Deega Deega


Dum Dum Deega Deega – A theme based music show in a discotheque featuring Hindi film numbers and pop songs as well as live performances by upcoming music artistes intercut with guests and celebrities dancing to the songs. Dum Dum Deega Deega was the show that launched many pop stars, like Daler Mehndi (then known as the Maharajas), Palash Sen, Anamika, Shibani Kashyap and Sanjay Raina.

Series Title: Dum Dum Deega Deega
Channel: DD Metro
Format: Digi Beta
Duration: 9 episodes X 30 minutes
Language: English

Whirlpool Mera Magic Mera Home


Whirlpool Mera Magic Mera Home – Whirlpool Mera Magic Mera Home was a dynamic and animated game show, targeted towards the modern homemaker – multifaceted and confident.

The show invited three contestants every week to participate in the four interactive rounds of question and answers. The questions covered an entire range of subjects that capture the interest of a modern homemaker -from her kitchen nitty-gritties to subjects of general awareness. The winners went back with exciting prizes from whirlpool’s diverse range of products.

With its vibrant hostess, this show was a perfect mix of engaging content, elegant set design and the right mood and ambience.

Channel – Zee TV
Episodes – 22 episodes X 30 minutes