Rajasthan – A Colourful Legacy


Rajasthan – A Colourful Legacy – Colours explode into life in Rajasthan. If its former  rulers chose to establish their kingdoms here, it is because there is so much more than  just the desert in Rajasthan. There are its Vindhya and Aravalli hills, amongst the oldest  in the world. There are its lakes, many of them artificially created, but still amongst  the largest in the sub-continent. There are wildlife sanctuaries and national parks; all  home to a large number of species, that include birds like the Peacock and predators like  the Tiger. There are sprawling fortifications fairytale palaces, festivals, celebrations  and a legacy of arts and crafts that form part of a continuous living and vibrant culture.

Here, history unfolds in a stirring drama. Forts and palaces, seemingly endless deserts, the expanse of lakes and rivers, the foliage of dense forests and the year-round celebrations, are woven into montages, through which the films are linked. Each tells a tale. Each is the start of a journey into perhaps one of the most fascinating destination  in the world.

Series Title: Rajasthan – A Colourful Legacy
: Discovery Channel International, Prime TV (New Zealand), RAI (Italy), Spektrum TV (Hungary), Ceska TV (Czech Republic), Travel Channel (UK)
Format: Digi Beta
Duration: 1 X 45 Minutes
Language: English