The Road to Nirvana


“The Road to Nirvana- A Journey in Tibet” is a first person account of a Tibetan travelogue through the eyes of Producer/ Director Iqbal Malhotra. He, alongwith his wife and nine other Indians, in September 2002, drove and trekked 1200 kms between Lhasa and Mt. Kailash, across the South Western Tibetan plateau. Through this journey, Iqbal Malhotra takes us through the spiritual, cultural and political history of Tibet and its century’s old interaction with India, which exported Buddhism to it.

The camera follows the travelers and their impressions and experiences as they drive through the Tibetan heartland over makeshift roads and what is perhaps the toughest yet most amazing countryside on the roof of the world. For the travelers, the journey is the destination. This is all the more true when they circumambulate Mt. Kailash traveling 52 kms on foot and not being able to see the mountain because of the snow and the mist. Yet its presence is omnipotent, magnetic and mesmeric.

The film is 49 minutes long and is shot by hand held camera. There is an original musical score and viewing the film is an experience in itself.

Series Title: The Road to Nirvana
 – Discovery Channel International
Duration: 1 X 55 Minutes
Language: English


  • The Best TV Documentary of the Year on Indian Television at the Indian Telly Awards 2004.