Life After Death? Subhash Chandra Bose



The most intriguing enigma of modern India is the disappearance of her most dynamic and daring freedom fighter, ‘Netaji’ Subhash Chandra Bose, in the middle of August, 1945. Though the goal of a free India was achieved in 1947, there was no trace of the man who had wanted this most passionately through armed struggle; inspired millions to contribute to his war effort and enthused thousands to join his Indian National Army, to fight alongside the Japanese against the British-Indian Forces in South and South-East Asia. Even 77 years later, the mystery stands unresolved with important documents in Russia, France, the UK, and even in India, hidden in top-secret classified archives. The conflicting stories and accounts of this disappearance remain and so do the myriad theories that point to diverse directions.

Was the Indian hero alive after 1945 and the plane-crash theory a concoction? Where and for how long did this dynamic leader live in the years following his disappearance and the birth of the sub-continental nation? What was he doing, or planning? Who helped him, and hid him?

‘Life After Death’ also looks into events linked to the controversial disappearance of Netaji in the stories of a Delhi journalist filing a case of cheating against the Prime Minister of India and her Cabinet, in 1967, of the horrific murder of a Police Inspector in Calcutta, in 1971,and the inexplicable death of the Leader of the Forward Bloc Party who had carried with him information as well as important documents – which have been missing since then – pertaining to the life of Netaji after his ‘disappearance’.

Most importantly, why are the files pertaining to Subhash Chandra Bose, after August 1945, still ‘classified’ in the archives of the UK, Japan, France, USA and Russia for “Security and Defence Reasons”?

The documentary, ‘Life After Death’ explores all possibilities through extant archival material and recounts the varying stories through dramatic re-creations, and weaves them into an insightful discussion and debate between three distinguished ‘Netaji’ scholars – to find the answer to the Indian Republic’s most clamorous question.

Series Title – Life After Death? Subhash Chandra Bose
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Format – HD
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Duration – 50 Minutes
Language – English

Official Selection

  • Won Best Sound & Music Award at the Toronto Documentary Feature & Short Film Festival, 2022.