The Sufi and The Scientist


The Sufi and the Scientist is the collective story of Sufi Healer Sayyid Arif Hussain whose salvation lies in healing people with the help and guidance of his spirit guide, the medieval Sufi Sheikh Haji Ali and Dr. Thornton Streeter, a scientist working in the realm of human consciousness and trying like many others to decipher the secrets of the consciousness so as to bridge the incompatibility of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity with the Theory of quantum mechanics.

Set in the backdrop of mystical Sufi India, with unusual access to the world of shamans, sorcerers and exorcists within the folds of Islam, the Sufi and the Scientist explores what objects or mediums within the understanding of Islam, can serve as probes to the world beyond our familiar three dimensions. How intra dimensional energy bodies can cross dimensions and enter our world invisible to the unseeing eye, because we only see what we believe is possible. The reality before us is created by our consciousness. Therefore, in theory as well as in practice, there are infinite possibilities and variations of what constitutes reality. All realities co-exist simultaneously and are complementary to each other. The number of such realities is a matter of perspective and arguably are influenced and limited by destiny.

The reality before us is nothing but possible movements of consciousness.
We as individuals choose moment to moment out of those movements to bring our actual experience to manifestation.
The world for us is not there independent of our personal experience.
So who for each of us actually chooses among the various possibilities to bring the actual event into experience?
This choice is made by the spirit in our body that actually decides the reality that we choose to see.
Therefore, realistically, we create our own reality depending upon our level of consciousness and awareness.
This is what quantum physics tells us.
Therefore, apart from our own reality, all other realities co-exist simultaneously and are complementary to each other.
At the core of all these realities is unity.
Everything merges into the unity.
This is what the Hindus call the Atman or God.
In January 2006 Northeastern University and University of California scientists said they might soon have evidence of extra dimensions on the basis of results from a neutrino detector at the South Pole called AMANDA.
Neutrinos are ghost like particles from space that could serve as probes to a world beyond our familiar three dimensions This could provide the first enduring evidence for string theory and other theories that attempt to build our current understanding of the universe.
These theories have developed to bridge the gap between the 20th century’s two most successful theories namely, general relativity and quantum mechanics.
The Sufi and the Scientist blends the spiritual mysticism of the orient with the scientific temperament of the occident and unravels the role of the consciousness in explaining the mysteries of physics and spirituality.

Series Title: The Sufi and The Scientist
Channel: Red Media Group (Russia)
Format – HD
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Duration: 1 X 45 Minutes
Language: English

Official Selection

  • Globians ® Potsdam World and Culture Documentary Film Festival, 2006, Germany
  • The International Festival of Televisao, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2006
  • Krakow Film Market 2007