Luxury Train Journeys in India


Each episode of the series Luxury Train Journeys in India takes the viewer on a journey to exotic locales on a luxury train that makes this experience a unique one.

The opening montage introduces the concept through an animation of a train leaving a station. The camera then moves in to explore the interiors of the train before settling at a window from where one can see monuments and destinations that the series would travel to.

Each train discovers a different part of the country and the episode would follow the train journey chronologically. The narrative would also introduce the journey through a map so that the viewer is able to appreciate the journey better.

The anchor, Luke Kenny helps the viewer savour experiences of each journey. His style would be “spontaneous” and he would share his”experiences” on the journey. While the series Luxury Train Journeys in India aims to be informative, it would also focus on the anchor’s experiences, leaving the viewer mesmerized at the end of each episode.

Series Title: Luxury Train Journeys in India
 – Travel Channel (UK)
Format – HD
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
 – 5 episodes X 1 hour
Language – English