Shamans of the Himalayas


Welcome to the picturesque Kullu Valley. Nestling under the shadow of the majestic Himalayas, in the Northern Indian State of Himachal Pradesh. This region is also known as “Dev Bhoomi”- The Land of Gods where every village is home to several Gods and Goddesses (Devta’s & Devi’s) who are revered as Living Gods.

The conduit to these Devi’s and Devta’s is the Himachali Shaman (Gur), who is at the core of the community’s spiritual sustenance. Himachali Gurs mediate between them and the invisible worlds of energy and spirit.

Filmmaker Anu Malhotra sets out to explore this mythical and magical world of the Shamans of the Himalayas, in a quest to unveil the mysteries that surround them.

And through her exploration, Anu witnesses and experience rare and never before documented sacred rituals, magico – religious practices, traditional healing techniques and exorcisms.  She also interacts with unforgettable Shamans, who are oracles, trance mediums and healers, and gets a glimpse into their personal stories and struggles.

Anu’s journey through this “different reality”, is presented in this 4-part series. Anu makes this journey intimate for the viewer by juxtaposing her internal journey with the compelling world that she witnesses.

“This time I go forth to encounter the reality of experience, the collective consciousness of a system of belief, unique in its cultural context but common to all our histories.”

Channel – Discovery Channel India
Episodes – 4 episodes X 60 minutes
Format – HD CAM