The Story of Jammu & Kashmir

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In public perception Kashmir’s history always begins with partition in 1947.However the region has an older history that the people revere even today. Kashmir has been the source of conflict between India and Pakistan for over 60years. 4 wars and 3 treaties later, no conclusion has been reached till now. While wars devastated the region, the lack of good governance and insecurity about the shaking loyalties of Kashmiri population has made the Delhi leaders consciously ignore the real demands and sufferings of people – that have intensified post insurgency of 1990.

While external threats both from the Pakistan army and the infiltrators are obvious, our film looks at development within Kashmir in the last decade that has led to the present situation. The ravages of Insurgency and disruption of lives of people, their families uprooted and the militarization of the valley that trapped the citizens in a situation where they see no future.

This film engage audiences in India and abroad who are aware of Kashmir but may not know the several aspects of the Kashmir problem. It looks at the history of the region and people and how it came to find itself in such a situation.

Series Title – The Story of Jammu & Kashmir
 – Times Now
Format – HD
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– 6 X 45 minutes
Language – English