Holistic Healing


Sometimes, to leap forward, you need to take a few steps back.

Holistic healing – ancient secrets’ is a series that catalogues traditional healing practices in India. It reveals how natural life forces around us can be harnessed to heal us holistically – mind body and soul.

Extensively researched, the series brings together stories from different parts of India, woven together in four engaging sections.

Channel – 5ABC, South Africa, ERT/ Photoplay (Greece), Ananey Communications (Israel), Planete (Poland), Red Media Group (Russia)
Episode – 7 episodes X 30 minutes
Format – Digi Beta
Language – English


Natures Touch: Kairali
A story on Kairali spa, the famous form of ayurvedic healing using traditional methods of massage with secret oils

Soul Therapy: Dynamic Meditation
A process of catharsis of repressed emotions. It involves chaotic breathing which releases a lot of suppressed negative emotions

New Age Materials: Magnet Therapy
A story on the applied use of magnets which increases blood flow and carries healing properties

Heal Yourself: Energy Dressing
A story on clothes depicting spiritual emblems like various idols in padmasana poses and hand embroidered motifs


Natures Touch: Hot Springs
A story on natural hot springs found in Rajgir, Bihar, the water of which has medicinal properties

Soul Therapy: Music Healing
A story which explores the significance and effects of different ragas on the mind body and soul of an individual

New Age Materials: Colour Therapy
A story on colour therapy which offers cures for diseases of the immune system, intestinal diseases, skin diseases, allergies and all kinds of pain

Heal Yourself: Organic Farming
A story offering practical tips on organic farming for kitchen gardens and small farms


Natures Touch: Naturopathy
A story on the body’s inherent power to regain health with the help of five natural elements – earth, water, air, fire and ether

Soul Therapy: Pranic Healing
A story on the therapy of pranic healing which corrects the energy imbalances, underlying physical, psychological and psycho spiritual disorders in the human body

New Age Materials: Laughter Club
A story that analyses the medical benefits of laughter therapy

Heal Yourself: Spices
A story highlighting the medicinal effects of various spices used in Indian cooking


Natures Touch: Herbal Healing
A story on the practice of bio diversity in cropping methods and use of seeds as healing agents

Soul Therapy: Mahayana Meditation
A story on meditation derived from Buddhism which takes a human being on the path to nirvana

New Age Materials: Aroma Therapy
A story on aromatherapy which uses essential oils extracted from flower, herbs and spices for medicinal and beauty purposes

Heal Yourself: Responsive Architecture
A story on use of natural and indigenously available material for in architecture.


Natures Touch: Marmachikitsa
A story on the oldest and most traditional massage form in India

Soul Therapy: Crystal Therapy
A story on application of crystals and stones on the body, which have healing and curative properties.

New Age Materials: Sound Therapy
A story on a new age music exponent who trains people to heal themselves, physically and emotionally, through the practice of specific sounds

Heal Yourself: Home Beauty Remedies
A story on natural beauty enhancement tips that can be practiced at home


Natures Touch: Ananda Spa
A story on Ananda – a health spa based in Rishikesh – the Yoga Capital of India, offering natural and holistic treatments

Soul Therapy: Reiki
A story on a science that draws on a universal healing force to heal patients. The practioner obeys a set of ethical principals in order to open themselves to this force.

New Age Materials: Pyramid Therapy
A story on pyramid therapy, the system of ancient Egyptian pyramids, which help in rectifying, purifying and healing mind body and soul

Heal Yourself: Dance Therapy
A story on unconventional therapies like dance, Tai chi, Taekwondo, etc. for healing

Episode Number 7

Natures Touch: Tribal Healing
A story on a fascinating mix of rituals in traditional wisdom about medicinal properties of different plants

Soul Therapy: Mantra Therapy
A story on mantra therapy, which is believed to cure illnesses and ailments through the recitation of mantras from the Vedas

New Age Materials: Vaastu
A story focusing on the ancient constructional science and its contemporary adaptations to promote positive energy in one’s surroundings

Heal Yourself: Alternative Energy
A story on developing eco-friendly sources of energies for individuals and small communities.