Episode 4 – Divine Feminine

In the fourth episode of Shamans of the Himalayas, Anu Malhotra takes us to Manali, where she meets the last and the most distinguished Shaman so far – Tuli, Gur of Nav Durga Devi, an amalgamation of 9 Hindu Goddess. Tuli is the lone woman Shaman in Manali, who built a temple adjacent to her house after her husband passed away and she was left with 3 children and a gift of divination. Throughout the episode, Anu witnesses her getting into a trans and spiritually healing people. She learns about how and when Tuli developed her persona as a Shaman and what were the challenges she faced in this patriarchal society as the only female Shaman in Manali.

Channel – Amazon Prime Video, Tubi, Cineverse, Rabel
Duration – 4 x 45 Minutes
Format – HD CAM
Aspect Ratio – 16:9
Language – English