Luxury Journeys on Indian Railways


Luxury Journeys on Indian Railways is a 45 minute film based on the luxury trains of India and the fascinating destinations that it takes its guests to, all year round.

Beginning with a historical background to the train journeys of the country, the film takes the viewer on a royal tour of the most intriguing travel spots that India boasts of. The film is interspersed with old photographs of the initial train journeys that India undertook and archival footage of the Maharajas of Jodhpur travelling in their personal trains. The film is a fascinating display of the impeccable hospitality onboard the present-day luxury trains mixed with captivating tourist spots.

The five trains covered in this film are The Royal Rajasthan, The Indian Maharaja, Maharaja’s Express, Pride of the South and Southern Splendour.

As the trains wind its way through North, West, Central and South India, the guests are given a glimpse of the cultural diversity of the sub-continent. The film beautifully amalgamates these experiences of the guests with footage of the different spaces allowing the viewer to experience the voyage themselves.

Series Title – Luxury Journeys on Indian Railways
Duration – 1 x 60 Minutes
Format – HD
Aspect Ratio – 16:9
Language – English