Chinese Checkers, Tibetan Ambivalence & Indian Delusions


The film looks at the intertwined interests and relationships between the British, the Tibetans, the Chinese and the Indians over the 20th century and beyond, on the subject of Tibetan sovereignty. Political expediency at different points of time governed these relationships. However, both the British and the Indians were united in their desire to keep the Chinese out of Tibet.

Paradoxically, because of hitherto unrevealed and highly secret political compulsions, independent India’s first Prime Minister Nehru had to kowtow to the Chinese and acquiesced to the Chinese annexation of Tibet in October 1950. Nevertheless, the unique Indian contradiction, simultaneously relied upon the British and Tibetan Agreement of 1914 to define independent India’s borders with Red China, while acquiescing to China’s historical centuries old claim to  Tibet, dating from the Huan Dynasty.

Was Tibet ever free?

Did the Dalai Lama invite the Chinese to take over Tibet in 1950?

Why did the Indians go to war with the Chinese over the Indo- Tibetan boundary?

Why does India provide a haven to the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Govt. in Exile, if India does not recognize Tibetan sovereignty?

Will Tibet ever get freedom from Chinese rule?

This film attempts to answer these questions and provides a uniquely revealing historical view of this whole debate over the last 100 years.  The film is written, produced and directed by Iqbal Malhotra.

Channel: The History Channel Iberia B.V., Spain
Duration:  52 Mins
Language: English
Format: Digi Beta