Nuclear Tango – Why a hero fell from grace


“Nuclear Tango-why a hero fell from grace” is an hour long documentary that investigates and puts together why Dr. A.Q. Khan, the father of the Pakistani nuclear weapons program was made to take the rap and accept responsibility for having orchestrated the Pakistan –North Korea nuclear relationship.

The film establishes the critical role that Pakistan has played in nursing North Korea to establish itself as a potent nuclear power with a delivery capability. This assistance was guided by the Chinese Government, through the identified efforts of General Xiong Guangkai, Deputy Chief of the Peoples Liberation Army, who in CIA parlance, was the case officer for this exchange between the Pakistani’s and the North Koreans.

The Chinese helped Pakistan put together the machinery to manufacture nuclear weapons through the uranium enrichment route and directed Pakistan to divulge this to North Korea. As a quid pro quo, the Chinese assisted the North Koreans in developing ballistic missiles and instructed them to route this to Pakistan. In this manner, the Chinese avoided getting sanctioned by the Clinton Administration, yet succeeded in their strategic goals of maintaining the “nuclear heat” on Japan, India and South Korea.

Furthermore, the spin-off of this mother of all conspiracies was the diffusion, to Al-Qaida and Libya and Iran of this dual use technology and the wherewithal to deploy it productively, both as weapons of terror and mass destruction by the Pakistani ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) controlled politico-military establishment in Pakistan.

Because the Libyans blew the whistle on the Pakistanis and revealed that the Libyan nuclear program was developed exclusively with Pakistani help, the issue of this proliferating and clandestine nuclear trade became public. The rest is history. Though Dr. Khan was censured for the eyes of the world, the truth is that as a loyal citizen of Pakistan, he willingly became the fall guy.

Series Title: Nuclear Tango – Why a hero fell from grace
 – Israel Broadcasting Authority
Format – HD
Aspect Ratio:
– 1 x 50 minutes
Language: English

Official Selection

  • Officially selected for IDFA-Docs for sale, Amsterdam, 2006
  • Krakow Film Market, 2007