From the Foothills of Kilimanjaro


This is a documentary of about the role of the Indian Diaspora in the East African countries of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The Indians followed the British into East Africa in the 19th century to build and man the infrastructure. Following the independence of these countries in the 1960s, the majority of the Diaspora was either expelled or encouraged to leave in the wake of expected and accelerated Africanisation. Few Indians remained behind. Those that did, still play a very important part in these economies. The film profiles such Indians, who either “stayed on” or returned.

The film captures the mood of East Africa and gives the viewer a first hand feel of its vibrant culture and rich heritage.

Series Title: From the Foothills of Kilimanjaro
: Discovery Channel International
Format: Digi Beta
Duration: 1 X 30 Minutes
Language: English