Episode 2: Cosmic Conversations

In the second episode of Shamans of the Himalayas, Anu Malhotra takes us to Shuru Village on a day of the festival that celebrates the living goddess Sharvari Devi, a manifestation of goddess Parvati. Here, Anu meets and learns about the life of the Shaman of goddess Sharvari Devi, Gur Hardayal. Gur Hardayal has been invoking the divine through Dev Khel, the dance of the God for 20 years and acts as a medium of cosmic conversations between the goddess and the locals. These divination sessions are called Poonch, where people ask the goddess questions regarding their harvest, marriage, financial troublesand every other aspect of their life.

Channel – Amazon Prime Video, Tubi, Cineverse, Rabel
Duration – 4 x 45 Minutes
Format – HD CAM
Aspect Ratio – 16:9
Language – English