Netaji Bose The Lost Treasure


On August 18th, 1945, Indian political exile, Subhash Chandra Bose boarded a Mitsubishi Sally Bomber at Taihoku (Taiwan) bound for an undisclosed destination in Manchuria. He was accompanied Lt. Gen Tsunamasa Shidei, Vice Chief of Japan’s Kwantung Army based in Manchuria. The plane took off but was rocked by an explosion at 2000 feet. It crashed close to the Taihoku airfield itself. Bose was badly burnt and did not survive the explosion. Many believe that the crash was purely a deception engineered by the Japanese Secret Police – the Kempeitai – in order to facilitate Bose’s escape from the Theatre of war in South East Asia to the Soviet Union. So how powerful was the Kempeitai and how did this influence affect the Bose-headed INA in South East Asia?

Bose spent more than half of the decade of the 1930’s in exile in Central Europe. He developed close links with the Abwehr, the German Military Intelligence and in turn with the German Navy. It was this connection that led him to travel onboard a special submarine detachment called the Netaji Bose The Lost Treasure, headed to South East Asia.

Netaji Bose The Lost Treasure 33rd Flotilla based in Penang had34 German U Boats and 7 Italian transport submarines. They continued to operate well after Germany had surrendered. Could they have been transporting more than just men and weapons of war? Did their cargo include Gold? Netaji Bose The Lost Treasure reveals this aspect of WW2 for the first time on television.

Series Title – Netaji Bose The Lost Treasure
Channel – HISTORY TV18
Format – HD
Aspect Ratio – 16:9
– 1 x 50 minutes
Language – English


  • Won Best Scriptwriter (Non-fiction) for Netaji Bose: The Lost Treasure at Indian Telly Awards, 2018