Revealed: Line of Control


The LOC was the original ceasefire line (CFL) that was agreed upon on 01 Jan’ 1949 following the first Indo-Pak war (1947-48) in J&K. The CFL was later modified after the 1971 war and re-designated as the Line of Control in June 1972, after the Simla Agreement. The delineated Line of Control – that is now accepted internationally as a de-facto divide – was finalized on December 11, 1972 at Suchetgarh between Lt. Gen. P.S. Bhagat, VC of the Indian Army and Lt. Gen. Hameed Khan of the Pakistan Army.

In the past, the LOC was a constant source of tension between the two countries, and a theatre of three wars. Since 1989, it has witnessed frequent infiltration, attempts, cross border shelling and heavy firing. In 1999, the two countries had gone to war over the control of territories along the barren heights of the northern reaches of the LOC near Kargil. Today, though troops are eye ball to eye ball in places and stressed to maintain the security of the LOC, it is much better managed and more peaceful. But better management and relative peace comes with a price.


Series Description

Revealed: The Line of Control tells the story of the 740 kilometer Line of Control (LOC) which forms part of the politico-military frontier of India and Pakistan in Jammu & Kashmir. The show looks at the challenges of managing this difficult frontier that topographically starts from plains and soon enters hilly jungle terrain and ends at the snowy heights along a glacier.

The show travels with Indian officers and soldiers, to understand how they defend the LOC, with training maneuvers and border patrols. As part of the journey the series will also go behind the scenes to demonstrate the logistics, planning and technology that goes into monitoring this border. This show looks at what it takes to keep this line of control efficiently managed, secure and peaceful.

Series Title: Revealed: Line of Control
Channel: Discovery Channel India
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Duration: 1 x 45 Minutes
Language: English


  • Nominated for Best TV Documentary and Best Videography at the 14th Indian Television Academy Awards, 2014.