India Magic


India Magic – This programme showcased various lesser-known facets of exotic India. India Magic had a magazine format of three stories per episode.

The first segment showcased exotic journeys to lesser-known destinations like Saboo-Pangong, Shillong- Cherrapunji etc. The second segment featured India’s unique environment – the exotic and unusual landscape, flora and fauna and bio-diversity in its raw form with “Saving the Earth” as the main motto. The third segment showcased India’s rich cultural heritage – the people and their vibrant traditions – music, dance, art, colourful fairs displaying local flavour, myths and legends related to them, like festivals of Ladakh, Nicobarese Tribe of Andaman, dances of Kerala etc. India Magic’s objective was to bring about awareness and appreciation of the unique environment and cultural heritage of India .

Series Title: India Magic
Channel: Sony TV
Format: Digi Beta
Duration: 13 episodes X 30 minutes
Language: English