India Incredible


Episode 1
Tibetan Buddhism
The last bastion of Tibetan Buddhism set in the moonscape of Ladakh

Episode 2
Archeological Wonders
All the archeological wonder of ancient and medieval India and their fascinating tales

Episode 3
Fairs and Festivals
The fairs and festivals of India- with all their local (vibrant and colourful) exotica

Episode 4
Coral reefs
Exploring the deep and wondrous under-sea world off India’s far flung islands

Episode 5
Dance forms of India
The varied and exquisite dance forms from across the country

Episode 6
Maharaja of Jodhpur
A rare glimpse into the rich heritage and extravagant lifestyle of the former first family of Jodhpur

Episode 7
Project Tiger
Saving the tiger from extinction

Episode 8
Palace on Wheels
Living like a Maharaja on the Palace on Wheel

Episode 9
Tribes I – Apatanis & Konyaks
Lifestyle and the ancient wisdoms of two of the most exotic tribes from the Northeast

Episode 10
The Elephant trails through sanctuaries

Episode 11
Tribes II -Rabaris & Irulas
Lifestyle and the ancient wisdoms of tribes from Gujarat and Tamil Nadu

Episode 12
Toy Trains
The experience of the quaint and leisurely toy train journeys in India

Episode 13
Adventure sports
The range of adventure sport options available in India