Yudh Abhyas: Gurkhas and Arctic Wolves



AIM Television was provided exclusive access to the units of the US Army and the Indian Army that participated in an annual joint training exercise between the two Armies during September 2014.

In the film “Yudh Abhyas: Gurkhas and Arctic Wolves” we go inside the so far secret world of Army to Army cooperation between the US Army and the Indian Army. We will reveal how they jointly prepare to face the challenges of an increasingly complex 21st century world. Their objective is to protect US and Indian interests worldwide. For the first time on Indian Television, we show how the Indian Army’s 2/9 Gurkhas and US Army’s Arctic Wolves combine together to form a formidable force against terror.

This is just the beginning…

Format: HD CAM
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Duration: 24 minutes 19 seconds