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Revealed: Siachen


Revealed: Siachen tells the story of the Siachen Glacier and the challenges faced by the Indian soldier while on duty there. The main focus is the Indian Army operations on land and in air under the still continuing Operation Meghdoot.

The opening montage introduces the concept through an animation of a train leaving a station. The camera then moves in to explore the interiors of the train before settling at a window from where one can see monuments and destinations that the series would travel to.

Series Title – Revealed: Siachen
– Discovery Networks, Asia – Pecific
Format – HD
Aspect Ratio
– 16:9
Duration – 1 x 45 minutes
Language – English

Subhash Chandra Bose The Mystery


Subhash Chandra Bose The Mystery is an attempt to unravel the secret behind the death of freedom fighter Netaji. With an innovative amalgamation of never-before-seen photographs and archival footage along with interesting interviews from around the world, this film gradually examines one theory after another.

Series Title: Subhash Chandra Bose The Mystery
Format: HD
Aspect Ratio:
Duration: 1 x 45 minutes
Language: English


  • Won Best Television Documentary at Indian Television Academy Awards, 2016.

India Remonetized


The lives of 1.3 billion consumers in India were disrupted on Nov 8th, 2016 when the Government of India demonetized 86% of cash in an economy which is close to 90% reliant on cash.

The consequence was initially the stalling and then the rationing of the purchase of goods and services in retail, wholesale, urban and rural markets across India. Supply chain transactions, real estate deals, weddings and informal production and assembly lines in industries like glass bangles, wedding glitter, shoes, traditional sweetmeats, fruit and vegetable harvesting and supply were devastated as there was no alternate medium of exchange to replace the self- control, speed and exactness of cash.

With 86% of cash out of use in one fell swoop, how did and how will 1.3 billion consumers cope? With 2,300 crore currency notes withdrawn from circulation, how long would it take to “remonetize” the economy with only cash?

India Remonetized takes the viewer through the immediate months after demonetization was announced. It explores the upheavals that every sector experienced in the process with insights into their strategies to overcome it all. The viewer is given an understanding of the transitional phase that the Indian economy is facing along with an idea of the changes that the future has in store for the consumer.

Series Title: India Remonetized
National Geographic Channel
Format: HD CAM
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Duration: 1 x
45 minutes
Language: English


Yudh Abhyas: Gurkhas and Arctic Wolves



AIM Television was provided exclusive access to the units of the US Army and the Indian Army that participated in an annual joint training exercise between the two Armies during September 2014.

In the film “Yudh Abhyas: Gurkhas and Arctic Wolves” we go inside the so far secret world of Army to Army cooperation between the US Army and the Indian Army. We will reveal how they jointly prepare to face the challenges of an increasingly complex 21st century world. Their objective is to protect US and Indian interests worldwide. For the first time on Indian Television, we show how the Indian Army’s 2/9 Gurkhas and US Army’s Arctic Wolves combine together to form a formidable force against terror.

This is just the beginning…

Format: HD CAM
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Duration: 24 minutes 19 seconds